Future of Work

Workforce Development Summit

Our Future of Work Summits bring sectors together to provide a knowledge-exchange environment for business owners, managers, HR staff, and CEOs. Our Summits are designed to address current challenges employers in our area are experiencing and introduce key concepts that will provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to begin modernizing their businesses by adapting their practices to better reflect the changing world of work.

To date, we have hosted three Future of Work Summits. In the project’s first phase, we hosted two summits – the first in Fall 2020 and the second in Spring 2021. More recently, we hosted our latest summit in March 2022. The topics we focused on at each summit are listed below. Please click on the presentation topics to be directed to the recording of each presentation (if available).  

Chéla Breckon Shares the Final Thoughts at the 2022 Future of Work Summit