Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization & How to Increase Search Hits on Your Job Listings During the research phase of our project, we approached students and job seekers in Lanark and Renfrew Counties and asked them, “Where do you go to look for jobs?”. The top response was Google. This means that before browsing any company websites, […]
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The Importance of Tracking HR Metrics

The Importance of Tracking HR Metrics Human Resources (HR) metrics are key figures that help determine the value and effectiveness of various aspects of a business. They are quantitative measurements that are used to assess how a business is doing and are the starting point for determining the changes needed to be made to improve […]
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Understanding Turnover

Understanding Turnover And What Your Turnover Rate May Be Trying to Tell You Turnover is often thought of as a numbers game, but it’s not. Turnover goes much further than a figure that gets recorded at the end of each month, year, etc. There are many factors that influence your company’s turnover rate, many of […]
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