Work Matters

The Format: How It Works

Part 1: Roundtable Discussions

Bridging the Gap

  • Where is HR Capacity
  • What needs to be learned to meet work demand
  • What HR best practices will deliver solutions
Part 2: Future of Work Summit

Learning & Growing

  • Delve into prioritized best practices identified
  • Learn from Employer Champions and Industry Leaders
  • Receive HR ToolKit to implement best practices

The Project: Its First Phase

During its first phase, the project focused on the health care, manufacturing, and transportation sectors in Lanark and Renfrew Counties. The findings from this phase led to the creation of the Pathway2PSW program, a program that offers free tuition, financial supports, and job coaching to eligible individuals. This program has been funded to place 180 personal support workers and 15 developmental services workers in Lanark and Renfrew Counties, helping to address the critical labour gap in these fields. 

To view the findings from our first phase, please read the Year in Review report below.